Lizard King Records est. 2003


We try and listen to every demo we receive but cannot promise to reply unless we want more information. To make life dreamy please only submit your demo via the contact form and stick to the DO list below. Any demos we receive that fall into the DO NOT list will be ignored as we just don’t have the time. Especially emails with WAV file attachments. It does happen.


1. Look at the artists we work with and consider if your music is a good fit for the label

2. Use the subject field to tell us the artist name

3. Use the message field to send us a link to stream your music as well as social media links

4. Use Soundcloud links – we ♥ Soundcloud

5. Only send us your best two tracks – if we like it we’ll ask for more


1. Send us emails with attachments

2. Send us download links – streaming links only at this point please

3. Bombard us with phone calls

4. Mail us physical CDs or press packs

5. Send us a link to your MySpace page – it’s over folks, Timberlake or no Timberlake